We Paid a Visit to the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Nabi AVCI

We paid an appreciation visit to T.R. Minister of Culture and Tourism NABI AVCI with our Federation President MEHMET ALI BOLAT and 10th UÖB Project Coordinator Ekrem Altan, AKP Kütahya Deputy MUSTAFA ŞÜKRÜ NAZLI, Kahramanmaraş Deputy MEHMET İLKER ÇITIL, Uşak Deputy ALIM TUNÇ on Wednesday, 23th of November. We gave detailed information about the guest student work that has been conducted for 12 years to Minister of Culture NABI AVCI during the visit. Also, we thanked to our minister for his supports that he has given to our activities. Later, we exchanged information about the 10th International Student Gathering that is planned to be held next year. At the end of the visit, MEHMET ALI BOLAT offered present to NABI AVCI.


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