UDEF was founded on December 14, 2012 with a collaboration of 11 associations. Massive success was achieved as the number international students’ associations reached 64 and the representative bodies to 25, in 75 different cities of Turkey.

UDEF is a CSO formed by various International Students’ Associations; the associations that intend to work in favour of students, who chose Turkey for further studies, in regards of hospitality, knowing each other, integrating with them, providing material and emotional support during their period of study in Turkey, contributing to become qualified individuals who would spread their learnings from here to different parts of world.

UDEF is a federation with objectives to facilitate coordination amongst existing International Students’ Associations, to encourage establishment of new bodies of such kind, to long to nurture healthier perception of international students towards the local public opinion, to interact with governmental bodies to help the students with their problems related to education, health insurances and services, residence permit, accommodation, etc.

To be an organisation that deals in regards of hospitality with the international students in Turkey, to provide counselling to the students who look forward coming to Turkey for higher education, to create a common platform for communication and joint collaboration for the Turkey Graduates, to encourage establishment of International Students’ Associations and facilitate coordination among the existing International Students’ Associations.

To be an organisation whose members shape a better future of mankind.