Having started with SADER in 2004, our guest student matured with the Bâb-ı Âlem International Student Association has established a hierarchical structure and established a corporate hierarchy with the establishment of new stakeholder and partner International Student Associations and finally the UDEF, which is the roof of this structure. UDEF was founded by 11 associations on 14 December 2012. As of today, there are 57 associations in 48 cities in the UDEF, whose target population is all international students studying in Turkey.

UDEF is a program established by international student associations established with the aim of hosting students who prefer to study our country, acquiring them, integrating them with each other, contributing to the solution of the material and spiritual needs that they may encounter during their education and training life, and contributing to their ability to be skilled people who can carry different geographies. Is a non-governmental organization.

UDEF is a federation that undertook the mission of facilitating coordination among the International Student Associations, encouraging the foundation of new International Student Associations, working for the healthy perception of the International Student among the public opinion, taking care of the problems of the International students such as education, health, safety and cooperating with the government agencies to solve these problems