Tons of Colours, Thousands of Cultures; The World is Bigger Than 5!

Tons of Colours, Thousands of Cultures; The World is Bigger Than 5!

Tons of Colours, Thousands of Cultures; The World is Bigger Than 5!

International Student Associations Federation, the largest non-governmental organization working on international students in Turkey (UDEF), will organize students meeting in 41 countries and 75 cities. The events that will start on 1st of April will come to end on 12th of May at the Golden Horn Congress Center with a final program, which will be held with the encouragement of our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Since 2004 International Student Associations Federation (Udef) which has been providing  guidance to international students coming to study in Turkey, providing accommodation and guiding students in the field of education, will arrange different  festivals  this year in 11th international students meeting held in 41 countries and 75 different cities.

In a press conference, Udef Board of Directors Mehmet Ali Bolat met with members of the press to draw attention to the activities carried out under the federation with 35 thousands of international students out of 115 thousands of international students in Turkey.  Bolat said: ”We’re working on introducing our country as well as strenghtening the image of Turkey beyond the borders by organizing various events with international students throughout the year. We regard this event -International Student Meetings- as a part of promotion of Turkey. To us, Turkish people’s knowing guest students and their countries is a part of introducing Turkey.”


The biggest problem that international students face –especially in their first years- is the lack of language ability to express themselves properly which means not being able to cope with their problems by their own.

Therefore,with the guidance service set up in our associations,we present a hospitality model in which our guest students can find someone to listen to them, produce solutions for their problems and feel secure like home psychologically. Also; for last 14 years, from the very first day of our work, we provide all kinds of support for each of 35 thousands of students out of 115 thousands of international students. We provide scholarships for 2500 students and accommodation for 1000 students  Day by day we keep growing stronger in the international field.


International students -coming from all around the world to our country- are from very different ethnic structures and cultures.

When students come to another country for education, they are defined as a foreign student / other person in the eyes of society or in the media, so as a matter of course they experience  ‘’culture shock’’ and some adaptation problems. The concept of “hospitality”, which has an important place in our culture, comes into play at this point.

As UDEF, we continue our tradition by hosting students who want to see us as a host here, and we start building heart bridges from the very first word; we call them “guests” rather than “strangers”.

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